One of the things you can do at the center is the Feed Your Brain Game

  1. How many squirrels can you find?
  2. How many Elk head mounts do you see?
  3. What is our full bodied Elk mounts name?
  4. What color is our groundhog?
  5. Can turkey's swim?
  6. How many inches do gray squirrels teeth grow every year?
  7. Where hunting licenses always made of paper?
  8. Do Elk have horns or antlers?
  9. Do snakes always travel in pairs?
  10. What is the biggest pearl found in Arkansas'?
  11. How was the crank telephone used on fish?
  12. How many Elk do we now have in our herd?
  13. What did Hilary Jones do?
  14. Where is a good place to see Elk?
  15. Where did you see the yellow butterfly?
  16. How many artists are represented in the art gallery?
  17. How were our snakes preserved?
  18. What is the Indian name for Elk?
  19. What should you do if you get lost in the woods?
  20. Did you sign out guest book when you came in?

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